Multitrack Stopwatch

Multitrack Stopwatch 2.3

MultiTrack Stopwatch is a classical stopwatch to measure time and distances

With MultiTrack Stopwatch, you can measure up to 10 times and distances at the same time. MultiTrack Stopwatch is a classical stopwatch, but it has 10 counters which measure time separately, or they can act as holders of different laps. The results of the measurements can be saved in a file or to the clipboard. All timers can be stopped, started and reset at the same moment or independently from one another.

The difference from the classical stopwatch is that this program also allows some calculations to be made. For example it can calculate the distance using the formula time*speed=distance. Although the interface of MultiTrack Stopwatch 2.3 looks very simple, with only the most basic features, it offers amazing functionality. Timers can be started and stopped instantly by using the spacebar button. Every timer has an alarm. Each of the timers can be set easily to count up or count down.

The program can monitor many applications, so it can be used for measuring your typing speed and the uploading time of an e-mail with a bulky attachment. A significant advantage is that this tool is totally free.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Totally free
  • Capable of measuring not only the time but the distance as well


  • Very basic graphical interface
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